Sun Protection

Everything you need to know to protect you and your family from sun damage

The goal of this web site is to provide simple and easy to understand information on sun protection, skin cancer and sun care related products. Like brushing your teeth, combing your hair or putting on a coat in winter, sun care needs to be part of your everyday routine. The effects of sun damage on your skin can be devastating.

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on skin care products that promise to erase wrinkles, lighten age spots, and reverse the signs of aging.

Really the simplest and cheapest way to keep your skin healthy and looking young is to educate yourself about the sun's effect on your skin. This does not mean you have to spend the rest of your life locked up in the house.

Enjoy the outdoors, just do it wisely. If you follow some basic guidelines, you will be conscious of the sun’s effects while preserving your beautiful healthy skin and limiting damage from the sun.

This web site will give simplified explanations of Skin cancer.

  1. What is it?

  2. Who gets it?

  3. Ways to prevent and treat it.

Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, “Many of the more than 1 million skin cancers diagnosed each year could be prevented with protection from the sun’s rays.”

No matter what your skin type, race or age, no matter where you live or what you do, you are susceptible to some degree.

You'll learn about sun care and sun safety

  • The difference between sunscreen and sunblock

  • The types of sun protective clothing and swimwear

  • Where to find UV hats, sun glasses and other accessories

  • Why sun shades, umbrellas and sun protection for windows is an important component of protection.

The sun does not have to be a danger to your skin. Respect it and take the right precautions.

Everything you need to know to care for yourself and your family while in the sun is in this site.

A practical guide with tips and an easy to follow system to prevent the ill effects of too much sun.

facts about skin cancer
Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers in the United States. Basal cell skin and Squamous cell skin cancer – the 2 most common - have a 95 percent cure rate if
non-melanoma skin cancer
Skin cancers fall into 2 categories: Non-melanoma skin cancer and Malignant melanoma skin cancers - we are going explain these different types of nonmelanoma skin cancers and how to treat them.
Actinic keratoses
Actinic Keratoses - a.k.a Solar Keratoses is a precancerous skin condition. Learn to spot the "spots".
basal cell skin cancer
Basal cell skin cancer is the most commom of all skin cancers. It usually grows slowly, does not metastasizes, but can be disfiguring. Early detection is crucial.
Squamous cell skin cancer
Squamous cell skin cancer is 95% curable if caught early. If it's left untreated, it can be highly disfiguring or worse - deadly. What to look out for and your treatment options.
Mohs skin cancer surgery
Overview of Mohs skin cancer surgery. The most advanced treatment for basal and squamous cell skin cancers that offers the highest possible cure rate.
malignant melanoma skin cancer
What is melanoma skin cancer? Recognizing the signs, diagnosis and treatment options of Malignant-melanoma. If you have ever been sunburn, you could be at risk for skin cancer.
Skin cancer treatment options
Skin cancer treatment options vary from the use of topical creams and surgery to, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and amputation.
ABCDE rule for skin cancer
The ABCDE rule for skin cancer easily lays out how to identify a melignant mole on your body.
Efudex ® is a topical treatment for skin cancer on the face. It works as a "seek and destroy" medicated cream and targets only the bad cells while leaving the good ones.
famous people with skin cancer
If you've been diagnosed with skin cancer, you're in good company. There have been many celebrities and famous people with skin cancer who were successfully treated.
There is a lot of confusion about sunscreen and sunblock. Understand sunscreen facts and myths, how it works, who should wear sun protection, the SPF rating system and what to look for in an effec
SPF rating system
how do you explain the SPF rating system? It's really all about how long you can stay in the sun without burning.
sunscreen ingredients
Many people are allergic to sunscreen ingredients – learn what is FDA approved, what to look for on the label and what to avoid.
effectiveness of sunscreens
The effectiveness of sunscreens basically depends on two things: did you slop enough on for it to work efficiently and is it old or expired?
types of sunscreens
There a so many types of sunscreens – which one is best for you? There are, All natural, Biodegradable, Fragrance & Oil free sunscreens as well as, sprays, gels, wipes and lotions. Some are water
Sunscreen brands
There are hundreds of sunscreen brands on the market, and they all claim to be the best. The best sunscreen depends on: What do you want it to do? How and where are you going to us it.
sunscreen tips
Get ready for Summer - How best to apply sunscreen tips – Find out how to prep your face and body for your sunscreen to work best and you won’t get sunburn.
sunscreen facts
There is a lot of confusion about sunscreen and sunblock. Understand sunscreen facts and myths. Who should wear sunscreen, what is the SPF rating system and what to look for in an effective sunscr
SPF Clothing
SPF clothing is the best way to protect your skin from sun damage. There are many good reason to wear Sun-protective clothing, It won't wash or sweat off during the day, over the long run, less expe
sun protection fabric
For sun protection fabric to be labeled UPF, it must undergo rigid testing to determine its UPF value and classification. Some fabrics are naturally sun protective – find out if the clothes hanging i
UPF protection in clothing
Read the labels and learn your SPF’s and UPF’s. UPF protection only applies to clothing, while SPF only applies to sunscreens.
UV protective clothing
UV protective clothing comes in a variety of styles and for a variety of activities. With new technology in textiles and design, manufacturers have combined fashion with function in UV clothing.
sun protection clothing
Sun protection clothing is made for just about every sporting activity: from golf and tennis to rock climbing and kayaking. Sun protective apparel is also available for everyday,leisure and trav
Sun protective clothing
Where to buy sun protective clothing. Shopping guide for the best UPF protective clothing, swimwear and accessories.
Sun Protection for Children
Education and awareness are the key components in expanding sun protection for children. Parents and educators are the first line of defense in preventing skin cancer in children and teens. Teach ki
Sunscreen for children
Find the best sunscreen for children and babies. Most dermatologists recommend "chemical-free" sunscreens for children's sensitive skin. Look for sunscreen made with zinc oxide or Titanium dioxid
Sun Protection Education
Sun protection education will change the normal behaviors and beliefs about sun-tanning practices. Sun-Health educational programs for schools and communities are needed to decrease skin cancer as gr
Skin Cancer in Children
Serious cases of skin cancer in children is rare, but rates are increasing. About 300 cases of pediatric melanoma are diagnosed each year, and some with dire consequences. Learn how to protect you
Putting on sunscreen
Putting on sunscreen can be a challenge for the parents of young children. Learn how to get kids to put on sunscreen without a major tantrum. Sunscreen is crucial for young children
Sun protection tips
Easy sun protection tips to live by – wear sunscreen with SPF 15+ everyday, cover-up with sun protective clothing, protect you children, don’t get sunburned, wear sunglasses and wide brimmed hats.
importance of sun protection
The importance of sun protection is vital to everyone, especially the active and sun sensitive. Learn ways to protect your skin and prevent sun damage and skin cancers.
Skin cancer awareness
Skin cancer awareness events in the New Jersey and Metro NY and Philadelphia area Red Tee Boutique will be represented.