Cover-up with Sun Protective Clothing & Accessories

Sun protective clothing allows us to spend more “safe” time in the sun. That is a good thing, because our basic instinct is to wear less clothing when it’s HOT: But we couldn’t be more WRONG.

Your skin is more protected by keeping your, body, arms, legs, feet, hands and head covered. Clothing is one of the best defenses you have to avoid overexposure to the sun.

Before you buy UPF clothing, please consider the following factors:

  1. Cost - Sun protective clothing usually costs a little more than regular clothing. Is it worth it? Compare the costs of bottles and bottles of sunscreen to that of one piece of clothing.

  2. Use/Sun Exposure - How often will you use it? How many hours do you spend outside, near the water, on the beach, on a boat? (i.e. lifeguard, construction worker, fisherman).

  3. Comfort - Will it be comfortable to wear?

  4. Coverage - Does it have adequate skin coverage?

  5. Fashion Will it go out of style quickly? Will I have to buy a new one every season?

  6. Health - Do you have underlying health issues? (i.e. Family history, Lupus, Skin cancer, Sun allergies)

You should really consider buying sun protective apparel if any of these factors apply to you.

Learn more about the technological advances in both textile and clothing design which have made wearing sun protective clothing much more comfortable in the hot summer sun.

Sun protection clothing is available for just about every activity imaginable.


Family Shop:

Coolibar - Their women’s collection has really been updated. It hits the fashion mark with tunics, a ruched hoodie and swim dresses in great prints and colors. The men’s and kids clothing is pretty hip too. Go ahead and shop for the whole family.

Solumbra Clean and classic looks that are great for travel and everyday.

Columbia Sportswear – An industry leader in outdoor apparel for the entire family and for every conceivable activity.

Triple J Sun Protection - A nice assortment of apparel and swimwear for men, women and children. Superior UPF Apparel for outdoor living, including sun hats and other accessories.

Women's Shop:

For those of us that like more fashion forward and stylish sun protection apparel:

SanSoleil - Sun Care You Can Wear. – GREAT PRINTS. They really only do tops for women, (sorry guys) so the prints are feminine, colorful and fun. The long sleeve tops all have mesh inserts under the arm to keep you extra cool on and off the golf course, tennis court or where every these shirt take you. Stay tuned … they have a new lifestyle and swimwear line coming soon.

Mott50 - Offers stylish sun protection clothing for women. This line is fashion-forward and easy to wear in soft, lightweight fabrics.

Parasol - Parasol Sun is a newer luxe resort brand. They use a breathable, super lightweight imported Italian nylon Lycra fabric that is UPF 50+, without chemical coatings.

Of course Solumbra, Coolibar carry nice ladies wear too…,

Swimwear Shop: Nice selection of Plus-Size swimwear and cover-ups.

Sun Protection Clothing - EcoStinger (TM) Full body rash guards.

Tuga Sunwear by Plangea, Inc. is designed to provide greater body coverage, yet still be functional and fun for kids. - A full line of sun protective activewear for swim and sport. Plus & maternity sizes too.


Cabana Life - Very Stylish swimwear and beach cover-ups for women and girls, (Ok boys too).


Wallaroo Hat Company: "Aussie" inspired UPF 50+ fashion hats for men, women and children., Inc: is an online superstore...“Where the Hat Lovers Go.”

MENS SHOP: Coming soon....

CHILDREN's SHOP: Coming Soon....


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