UV Protective Clothing

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UV protective clothing is available in a variety of styles and for a variety of activities. It’s available for men, women, children and even your pet if you want it.

Everyone wears clothing. We do it to protect ourselves from the elements – and to avoid being arrested. However, not all clothing is considered equal when it comes to protecting our skin.

Clothing design affects how much it protects you from the sun. Shorts and short sleeve shirts leave your arms and legs exposed during many outdoor activities when they should be protected.

UPF protective clothing has some really cool design features other than long sleeves, long pants and high collars.


  • Built-in Protection - All day UVA & UVB sun protection

  • Comfort - Made with soft & super light weight technical fabrics

  • Cool - Use of wicking and breathable fabrics, such as Cool Max®

  • Ventilation - mesh panels strategically placed to increase air flow to keep you cool

  • Wet and Dry Protection - it protects you even when you are sweating up a storm

The more skin you cover the better you are protected.

Sun protective clothing is meant to be worn in the hot summer sun, while working out, running, biking, playing golf or just “sittin” on the beach. It has to be comfortable or you wouldn’t wear it – right?

As we go about our daily routine, most people forget to put on sunscreen, much less re-apply when needed. This is why sun protection apparel is necessary for leisure and sporting activities.

That is why new design features are making Sun Protective clothing more fashionable and functional.

Look for light weight fabrics that have been treated with UV absorbers and/or blockers. These tech fabrics are often polyester based, but there are some that are cotton or a cotton blend.

Look for mesh inserts in side or back vents, as well as under arms to increase air circulation. This really helps keep you cool.

Look for fabrics with wicking properties: Wicking fabrics are modern technical fabrics made of high-tech polyester, and, unlike cotton, absorbs very little water. Cotton will absorb 7% of its weight in water, polyester only 0.4%. Cotton will therefore hang onto your sweat, making the garment heavy and unpleasant. Wicking fabrics help regulate your body temperature by absorbing moisture and pulling it away from your body, where it moves to the outside layer of the fabric and dries quickly. So you stay cool and dry.

All of the above are excellent features to look for, even if you are not looking at UV protective clothing.

You can find UV protective clothing for just about any activity in our shopping guide:

With UV protective clothing you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and protect yourself and your family from the harmful rays of the sun.

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